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Women ~ Health ~ Life: Sacred Sunday Mornings

Topaz Lotus Yoga, Wellness & Inspired Living: Sacred Sunday Mornings


I treasure my Sunday mornings as currently, Sunday is the only day I have to luxuriate in bed, sipping coffee, reading and writing.  I sometimes pray for a cloudy rainy day so I can stay in my pj’s in bed all day!

At the moment, my bed contains moi, a kitty cat, pages from my yoga teacher training that I am reviewing, my iphone which I recently used to chat with daughter #1 who is currently in Singapore and which was also used at 0421 hours by daughter #3 to ask for a ride home, ipad on which resides the fabulous book I am currently reading for book club (‘To Be Sung Underwater’ by Tom McNeal) and an extra pair of reading glassess!

Daughter #2 plus BF are still soundly asleep.

My husband just left for his tennis league match after watching the French Open since early this am on the TV in our bedroom.  I feel like many areas of the world have been represented in my short morning, (insert chuckle).

Now, silence and peacefulness beckons.




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