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I’m A Hippy Grandma In Training

I love how amazing the human body is!  It is close to my eldest daughter’s birthday (she will be turning 20) and around this time of the year, I remember so clearly, the day our lives changed for ever with her birth!  There is nothing like becoming a mom to turn one’s life topsy turvy forever.  I count the births of our three daughters as three of the most profound and powerful experiences of my life and remember too, that insatiable drive and desire to have a baby before we had the first one.
Now, with the whole menopause thing behind me and with less fluctuation in my hormones, I am starting to feel that same draw for the wonder of a baby, but this time, its’ about becoming a grandma.  Now, I have no desire for my girls to have babies before they are ready but I find my thoughts drawn to being a grandma.  I am talking to grandmas, listening to their stories, loving the pictures and reported anecdotes and I realize, I am a “grandma in training”.  Given what I know about myself and my commitment to keep this world safe and healthy for the next seven generations as well as my “kind of boho-chic, thrift store find” style, I realize the I am a “hippy grandma” in training!

Hmmmm, I am going to ponder what all this means.



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