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Inrageous/Outrageous Self-Care Enchantments for April 17, 2008

Inrageous/Outrageous Self-Care Enchantments for This Week

Continuing on the theme of mindfulness, this week, I want you to cast your attention and awareness to the concept of connecting with a body-centered, “felt” experience of your own personal centerpoint, that place deep inside you where you feel the most you, where when you take your self there in your thoughts, there is peacefulness, calmness and a sense of the “essence of you”.

I remember one of the most powerful experiences that I have had of this.  It was a few summers ago and we were on our sailing holiday with some very good friends and had our boats rafted together.  My husband, all the kids and friends had gone to shore and I was alone on the boat.  We were anchored in a serene, quiet, cove and it was a glorious sunny summer morning.  I had a good cup of java, was sitting on the bow of the boat writing in my journal and I remember feeling deeply that “this is me, I feel “me” deep inside, everything is right with my world, I feel the most “me” I have ever felt.  Later, as I was de-constructing the experience, I realized that I had given myself awareness and attention; that I was totally in the present moment and that I was in a state of mindfulness and being in nature, in almost a state of natural grace.  I had connected with my centerpoint.  Now, when things get crazy and chaotic (sometimes that feels like it is… always in a household with three teenage and older daughters, a dog, 2 cats a turtle and my husband and I), I remember that morning on the boat.  With that memory, comes a body-centered felt remembrance and I melt into my center point and feel peace and calmness wash over me.

So, the self-care enchantments for this week are about you finding that inrageous place that is your personal centerpoint, your own “shelter from the storm”.

Self Care Enchantments for the week:

1.    Use the following affirmation to start: “I center my mind in stillness, I center my body in the breath, I center my heart in love and I find myself centered in the cosmos” (adapted from the 13 Moon Natural Time calendar).
2.    Close your eyes, go inside and think of a time that you felt “the most you”.  Sink into this feeling and “take yourself back there in your mind”.  Smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the textures, breathe in the experience, feel the feelings.  Scan you body to see how your body feels and “lock in” this experience, give it a name or… use the words, essence, centerpoint, still point.  Anchor in the feelings of peacefulness, stillness and serenity.  Bring exquisite mindfulness to this exercise.
3.    Practice this daily and attend to your responses!



Zoey Ryan
coach . catalyst . shakti sage
life & business coach for women
“Coaching for your heart & soul”

“I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of miracles”  – Anais Nin

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