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Inrageous/Outrageous Self-Care Enchantments for Oct 2, 2008

We have been talking a lot about self-care, what it is, how it shows up and plays out in one’s life and also how life events remind us that “life itself” can be our spiritual practice.

I am feeling open, uncomfortable and vulnerable, kind of scared about “wearing my wounded heart on my sleeve” and yet curious, grateful and in awe of the opportunities and connections that are coming my way through our family’s health adventures!  From this place I share my thoughts on what self-care is not.

Self care is not self-improvement!

In coaching, my clients and I talk about self-care and the tendency is for many women to start making lists of how to improve. The lists often include: eat better, exercise more, start meditating, spend less, get organized, do more yoga, pray more, lose weight, spend more time with elderly parents and on it goes.

Self-improvement as a generalization, starts from the place of being “not good enough”, and “there’s room for improvement” and certainly, there is a time and place for self-improvement (like, say, when you have just had a heart attack and there are a whack of new lifestyle changes to make).  Yet, self – improvement is different than self-care.

Self-care is about starting from the place of “I am enough, I am good enough, I have enough, there is enough, I know enough, I do enough.”    Self-care is about affirming “my life is unfolding perfectly, in the right order, with the right events, in the right timing.”  Self-care is soft and gentle and respectful of your basic goodness.

For this week, your self care enchantments involve pondering self-care and self-improvement and deepening your “felt sense” or experience of the difference.

Self Care Enchantments for the week:

1.  Read the descriptions of self-improvement and self care again, then stop, go inside yourself and see if you feel the difference in these two important concepts.  Use the following questions to help:
– if you had to give the two concepts each a colour, what colours would you chose?
– when you say the phrases self-care and self-improvement where in your body to you feel each phrase?
– what does your heart say about each phrase?
– what does your head say about each phrase?
-hold each phrase in your hand (metaphorically), which one feels heavier?
2.  Write about the above exercise and your “learning”.
3.  Honour and enjoy the flavour of the season by including harvest vegetables in your meals and/or in your home decorating.

“The true harvest of my life is intangible – a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched” – Henry David Thoreau

Zoey Ryan, PCC

coach . catalyst . shakti sage

life & business coach for women

Coaching for your heart & soul and the heart & soul of your business 


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