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Women ~ Health ~ Life: Renaming ‘Sick’ Days – ‘Wellness Days’

As a ‘team leader’ and a life coach for women, I think it would be grand if we renamed ‘sick days’ – ‘wellness days’! ¬†Everyone could be trained on how to be attuned with their physical bodies and to notice the very early body messages that they need a ‘wellness day’ or two.

This approach includes regular yoga and meditation and other body centered practices, to enhance the health and well being of the individual, family and/or organization.

We could be supported to create our ‘wellness support team’; of massage therapists, life coaches, yoga instructors and naturopaths for example.

At this very busy time of year, it is extra important to stay attuned to our bodies and listen to the messages from within!


in peace & mindfulness,


zoey ryan ~ life coach for wise women

topaz lotus yoga & life coaching to set your ? on fire and soothe your soul

‘The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.’ ~ Gloria Steinem


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