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Women’s Life: What is your relationship with food?

Question of the week: what is your relationship to food?  Do you think of food as nourishing, do you have a love/hate relationship, does eating scare you, do you love food?

I grew up in a household where my mom (of German descent and who grew up in the Depression) loved to cook.  Not only did she love to cook but I figured out after she passed away, that one of the ways she showed us all love was with food.  We had alot of family feasts, usually Sunday at noon and for all the major religious holidays.  The rest of the time, I recall the food was basic and simple.  We seldom ate in restaurants or had “store bought” food.  While I would give anything now for mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, at the time, I felt embarassed to bring home made food to school for snacks.

I would say that I have had a conflicted relationship with food until my late twenties.  AT this time, instead of focusing my eating on how not to gain weight, I switched to making friends with my body and eating for health and nourishment.  It felt like a whole new world opened up!

I still “feast” for special occasions and sometimes feels like it would be easy to get pulled back into the love/hate thing with food, however most of the time my eating relationship feels balanced and nourishing.



Zoey Ryan

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