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Topaz Lotus Inspired Living: Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training at Open Door Yoga

Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training: Open Door Yoga Vancouver


I recently completed my 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training at Open Door Yoga in Vancouver and I highly recommend this intense and incredibly well designed program!

With a conveniently designed program of meeting once per week on either a Saturday or Sunday, this course can easily fit into most schedules.

The quality of the instruction, I found to be exceptional.  As a adult learner, I often find myself bored to tears in many seminars and courses.  Not so, with the Open Door Yoga Teacher Training.  With a range of instructors and subjects, and utilizing a variety of multi-sensorial teaching methodologies, the program was transformational.

I started the program with the intention to deepen my personal practice and to add to my skills as a yoga instructor.  I finished the program with these goals met and as a somewhat different person.  I’m unable to find words to describe the difference, I just ‘feel’ deeper and broader and with real concrete something – the practice of yoga, to ground me daily.

For my next training, I plan to do the “Restorative Yoga” teacher training at Yogacara in August.

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