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Women | Health | Life: The Year and Soul-Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants – Week 3

Prior to leaving on our recent trip to Los Cabos, Mexio, I had researched local yoga studios and had planned to drive into the town of San Jose Del Cabo to attend classes.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our resort offered yoga three mornings a week. Words do not do justice to the amazing experience of yoga on the beach with Ivonne Lopez of Shanti Yoga Los Cabos!

When I heard that our resort offered yoga and was expecting a diluted yoga/exercise class experience.  I was appreciative and astounded to enjoy 4 amazing vinyasa flow classes with Ivonne.  Ivonne is one of those yoga instructors who has a gift!  Her complete and charming descriptions of the postures, sprinkling Spanish with English (spoken with a Scandinavian accent?) completed a solid and through grounding in many yoga traditions.  We all fell in love with Ivonne!


I attended class with my friend Bonnie who also enjoyed all the classes and was fortunate enough to take in some ‘sunset yoga’ as they stayed on longer than us at Casa Del Mar!  I was finally able to convince my husband to join us for a class after about 10 years of invitations.  He enjoyed the class and the ‘brotherhood’ of 4 other guys.


The soul sisterhood was evident in the easy chatting after class and we met other women from Minnesota, Vancouver and Mexico.  We received tips about shopping, other yoga classes and good restaurants.  I think that for women traveling, all one needs to do is attend a yoga class in the travel destinations and viola, a whole new group of friends!


We also met a couple from Vancouver who had Ivonne come to do private couples yoga and they said it took their yoga practice much deeper.


And, oh my, the yoga pants!  Due to the warm weather, I wore my athletic bike type shorts.  Bonnie wore her lulus.  One of the other women who attended the class had the most extensive selection of lululemon yoga pants I had ever seen!  Most of us were in stretchy, comfy, very casual leisure wear.

I arrived home excited to continue with my year and soul sisterhood of the traveling yoga pants!


Enjoy this magnificent day!

in peace & mindfulness



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