Last Weekend of the Summer

Hmm, I’m reflecting as summer is drawing to a close on the wonderful connections and friendships I have enjoyed during the summer.

One of the best social events was a family dance with a live band singing songs from the 70’s.  My friend, who also turned out to be the lead singer on many of the songs, said that I would know most of the words to most of the songs and…, she was right!  I felt like I could have danced all night but packed it in about 10 am.

Drove home to find 80-100 teenagers enjoying the hospitality of our daughters.  We have supported them to have friends over before but have always been home to supervise and the numbers never exceeded about 40.  We had the requisite spilled drinks, cigarette butts, pizza delivery (our middle daughter loved that part, she said it is just like a movie party) and vomitus.  All the kids were friendly, some maybe too friendly and politely cleared out when we closed the party down at 11:30 p,.  The neighbours weren’t quite as friendly!

I’m off to plan how to spend the last weekend of the summer.



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