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Leadership Coaching for Women Leaders: Are Your Life Values & Work Values Balanced?

Professional Women: Are Your Work Values Balanced With Your Personal Values?

Values” are the essence of who we are.

Values are principles that you hold to be of worth in your life.  Values are those things considered right, worthwhile, and desirable- the basis of guiding principles and standards.

Crystal values” are those values that are so important that if not present in your life will cause your life to shatter.  Think of what would happen if you dropped a crystal ball.

Rubber values” are those values that you can drop for awhile with no problem and will come bouncing back when necessary.  Think of what happens when you drop a rubber ball.

As women leaders, gaining clarity on the values that are most important to you personally and in your work will give you a solid framework for making decisions, taking forward movement and assessing dissonance in your life.

Let me tell you about a coaching client of mine.  Carol had identified that she held “social responsibility” and “respect for nature” as very strong values.  She found out that the company she was working for was pumping toxic waste into the local watershed.  She decided that she could no longer work for that company and in fact, felt she needed to report the company for the poor environmental business practices.  In spite of the fact that being unemployed was not attractive, Carol stayed true to her values and resigned.  While she had to deal with some short- term financial issues, this decision was worth it to her as she gained so much in the areas of self-honoring and self respect.

Is your work life balanced and in sync with your personal life values?  If it is, you likely feel great about the work that you do and love your job.  If you started your work without consideration of your personal values, and your personal and the values in your work life are out of sync, you may feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied and unhappy in your work. Clarity, transparency and collaboration with your colleagues and staff about personal and organizational values leads to a happy and fulfilling life and a powerfully positive work environment!

Do you know what your organizational values are?  What about your personal values?   What about your crystal values and your rubber values?  Are you in sync with your values?  Spend some time in personal reflection to gain clarity and if you would like to chat further, feel free to contact me personally!


In peace & mindfulness,


wisdom coaching for your heart & soul

Zoey Ryan BSc., PCC

Professional Certified Coach with the ICF

Topaz Lotus Life & Leadership Coaching

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