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Let’s talk healthy skin! Here in southern BC the temperatures soared this past summer. We broke temperature records in July, and although the sun is less intense now, there’s always a need to take care of our skin and our children and children’s skin.

So that brings to mind some natural ways to do this. Two of our favorite product lines are Keys Natural soaps and skin therapies and the Tawna Hill Baby line of chemical-free products.

Keys has an international reputation for providing products that are chemical-free, vegan, gluten free, and therapeutic. Not to mention that they never do testing on animals. The company was founded by Wendy Steele after her bout with skin cancer. Her research about cancer and its causes, and her sensitive skin, made her realize that so much of what we put on our skin is actually full of chemicals and very bad for us. Her company’s products are consistently ranked high on the list of safest brands by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Report. (Key’s sunscreen is #1 again this year.) Wendy’s mission is to increase awareness that products that are clean, green and therapeutic are a better choice that those filled with chemicals. They even have products for pets! You can go to and search for a retailer in your area.

The story of Tawna Hill Baby products has more than one commonality with Keys. Tawna Hill’s baby line is chemical-free, preservative-free and has no carcinogens. But even more interesting is that this company was also started after a battle with cancer. Tawna received the news that she had a brain tumor while she was pregnant with her daughter Olivia, and so began educating herself about the dangerous chemicals and preservatives found in the products we put in and on our bodies. One mom we know swears by these products so completely, that even though her “babies” are now 8 and 5 she still uses the Baby skin care line – especially for herself! For a retailer in your area, click on ‘Retailers’ at the bottom of the page when you go to

Stay safe (and green) in the sun all year long!



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