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Women | Life | Work: Women’s Leadership Style and Skills

In previous writing, I referred to the Topaz Lotus Leadership Matrix for Women; the ‘art & science’ or the ‘being and doing’ of leadership for women.  I use the Legacy Leadership Model as the foundation for the ‘doing’ of women’s leadership.  Of course this model is powerful and dynamic for all to use!


I have designed the topaz lotus leadership matrix specifically for women as in my work as a leader and as an executive, life, leadership coach, I have found that some women struggle with their process as a leader.  Some women try and simply replicate a leadership style that they have seen used before.  Others struggle with the idea that they don’t have a formal role as a leader, yet, exhibit exceptional leadership skills.  Others just aren’t sure of what their leadership style is.

I have personally found , as have many of my clients that the Legacy Leadership process brings clarity and support to women in leadership!

Best Practice #2 (from the Legacy Leadership Model)

Creator of Collaboration and Innovation: about the environment of working relationships

The question to ask yourself is: how do I create an environment of collaboration and innovation in my workplace?  One can also use this question in one’s personal life too!

Enjoy your wonderful day!  Here’s to collaboration and innovation!


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Topaz Lotus Life & Leadership Coaching for Women

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