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Wonderful Inspirational Quote and Words of Wisdom

Inspirational Quote

Wonderful inspirational words can instantly boost one’s mood. When I read the words above I immediately get an emotional boost and feel a deepened sense of connection with others.

The second part of the quote is very interesting and quite powerful as the author doesn’t ‘let us off the hook’. By this I mean she doesn’t let us distract ourselves from our actual emotions by the beauty of the words … “Challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you”…

Finally, the beautiful closing of bringing together of one’s tribe, and a felt sense of belonging.

This quote beautifully describes my recent “Mindful Self Compassion Teacher Training” with Chris Germer, Michelle Becker and Dawn Macdonald of the Center for Mindful Self Compassion. Interestingly, the quote could mirror the three qualitites of ‘Mindful Self Compassion as outlined by Kristin Neff PhD and Chris Germer PhD: Self Kindness, Self Compassion and Common Humanity.

The quote and the training are/were tender, powerful, deep, resonant, intense, beautiful and capture my experience of the training in what I described in the closing as ‘being and doing (of the training)  in a spicy masala’; meaning that I was in the presence of fabulous people  (both the facilitators and learners being the ‘light bringers and magic makers’); was challenged and broken open in a gentle way by the training; uplifted and expanded by the practices of mindfulness and self compassion and the other exercises of the program and connected with the heartbeats of the tribe in the room and the heartbeats of  ‘common humanity’.

Everyone will have their own experience of these words. Read, experience, reflect and enjoy!

namaste to you my friends ♥

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