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Last year when I was having my website re-designed, I realized that it was also time to have a logo designed for Positively Outrageous Women.  What I was yearning for was an image that pulled together my hopes and dreams for my business and for the women I work with.  I also wanted the logo to resonate all of “what I am about” as a coach and as a woman in the world today.

I was fortunate enough to be working with an incredibly talented designer (jenny hughes from incogmedia).

What has evolved is a wonderful lotus/rose! 

For me, it is a lotus in eastern spiritual traditions but also a rose of western spiritual traditions.  It represents the Divine Feminine that is re-awakening and re-emerging into our consciousness and world.

If you look closely at the center petal, the pattern is the female reproductive system (this element was created totally subconsciously between the designer and myself). 

The pink and the red is the dance between our fire and our hearts. 

The number of petals represent the 8 limbs of yoga and union.

The lotus is sitting solidly and balanced, grounded through roots into the water and reaching up into the heavens.

When I look at the lotus logo, I feel calm, peaceful, happy and energized.



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