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Women | Health | Wisdom: Holistic Self Care

One key part of my personal self care as a life & leadership coach for women is an annual retreat vacation with my life partner/husband of more than 25 years!

We find that this nourishes us both and creates a strong foundation for our relationship and lives!

This year, we were fortunate enough to be in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Being on the water, seeing dolphins and whales contributes to the nourishment and rejuvenation!

Sending you all sunny and warm wishes for your day!

Now, it’s off to yoga, wish it still was yoga on the beach…





in peace & mindfulness





Topaz Lotus Life & Leadership Coaching for Women

wisdom coaching to set your heart on fire and soothe your soul

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan the flames.” ~ Rumi

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