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Ta Dah Da Dah! Announcing Hippy Grandma!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about being a “hippy grandma in training” and being very excited to be welcoming a new generation of babies into the world.  Well, that excitement catalyzed a new “baby” of my own, a website – “Hippy Grandma: hippy love for generations” selling earth friendly treasures for your grandbabies, their mamas and you!  We sell fair trade and honest trade, exquisite and unique products, mostly “hand crafted” by real grandmas and “spirit grandmas”.

Our “Grandmafesto”

Hippy Grandma: hip, happy, hippie women caring for Mother Earth and the next 7 generations!

It’s a state of mind
It’s a movement
It’s a radical BE-INg.

Please come and visit!



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