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Women Power, The Future and the Rise of ‘Femocracy’?

Our world is changing, of that there is no doubt!  With hope, in the future, our children and grandchildren will be living in a world of peace, where a ‘partnership model’ rather than a ‘dominator model’ is in place.

Most women I know want to live a healthy lifestyle with purpose and passion.  From a place of  ‘life in balance’,  they are the major decision makers in family health and kids health.  I know that as a working mother, I think often about what the future holds for myself, my family, my friends and my community.

We are seeing increasing numbers of women leaders in all areas.  Rather than replicate the mistakes of the past by using a dominator model, I urge all women, especially women in leadership to use a partnership model!

In considering these models and the future, it helps to review the key  ‘organizing principles’ below:

  • • command and control– think “military”.
  • • competition – think “I win, you lose”.
  • • cooperation – think “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”.
  • • collaboration – think “win-win”.
  • • co-creation – think “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”.

A ‘Dominator  Model’ utilizes the first two and sometimes the third and a ‘Partnership Model’ utilizes primarily the last two.

Consider all the systems in the world today, ie political, military, corporate, business, educational, health care, religion.  Most of these systems are based on a ‘command and control’ model where there is a leader (most often male) and a triangle of power and control flowing down from the leadership level.  It is the dismantling of this model and the shift to new, healthier organizing principles that the ‘Occupy Movement” is all about for example.

Traditionally women naturally  draw on their heart and soul wisdom and use co-creation, collaboration and cooperation in their lives. For centuries, women have sat in a circle around a fire, over a cup of tea, around the children playing, chatting and throwing out ideas for simplifying and improving their lives and the lives of their families.  These models tremendously help to improve women health, family health, emotional intelligence and mental health.  This is indicated with current scientific research and not just with feminists!

As the world allows women of all ages and particularly elder women to play a more prominent role in all areas, ‘Women Power’ will increase for the good of us all.  Will we actually live in a “femocracy” or in more of a ‘collective partnership’?  We don’t know yet, however, it is important to teach our children the beauty of sitting in circle together, of ‘win-win-win’ and collective co-creative thinking.

Women leaders, base your leadership style of the last two principles and use the partnership model!  This will lend creativity, inspiration, innovation to your organization!

I call this all ‘matrixed heart and soul’ wisdom!  Enjoy your wonderful day!

In peace and mindfulness.



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