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Inrageous/Outrageous Self-Care Enchantments for March 27, 2008

Inrageous/Outrageous Self-Care Enchantments for This Week

About 10 years ago, before I started my coaching training but when I knew that my life purpose was to support women in their personal growth, I offered workshops and seminars that were all about empowering women and making them feel good, this in turn made me feel good!  As a result of further life experience, masterful coach training and lots of coaching experience I have come to understand that “feeling good” is only part of the equation.  Here in the Western world, we are very accustomed to the idea that life should be good and is all about the pursuit of happiness.  I believe that we are missing a whole range of experiences and actually setting ourselves up for a lot of frustration if we don’t also acknowledge and embrace the counter point, which is that chaos, upsets, negative emotions, crises, traumas and breakdowns can be and often are the catalysts for big personal and soul growth.  As Joseph Campbell writes about “the hero’s journey”, chaos and times of crisis can be the beginning, the whispering of “the call the adventure”.

So, your sacred self care enchantments for this week are about welcoming chaos, dissonance and upsets and are adapted from the “!3 Moon, Natural Time Calendar” for Spectral Tone 11.

Self Care Enchantments for the week:

1.    “Let go; let yourself be absorbed by life itself”.  Practice living in the moment and for this week, suspend planning, goal setting and striving and simply float on your inner tube down the “river of life”
2.    “Un-do, break down, mix it up”.  Do something totally uncharacteristic this week!
3.    “Expect breakthroughs to look like breakdowns”!  Think of a time in your life that felt like a “breakdown” and re-write the experience noting all the positive changes and goodness that resulted.  Expect major life transformations to show up as breakdowns and rather than denying or pushing away the negativity, pain and fear, welcome it and use it as a gateway or portal to soul growth and life transformation!

Check in for the next POW Game podcast (#8) , which is all about welcoming chaos.



Zoey Ryan
coach . catalyst . shakti sage
life & business coach for women
“Coaching for your heart & soul”

“I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of miracles”  – Anais Nin

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