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“Women and Being a Fiery Shakti Sage”: Self Care Enchantments

“Women and Being a Fiery Shakti Sage”

During the past 18 years, our family and myself personally have gone through many “ups and downs, backwards and sideways”, including more than a few major traumas. We have become intimately aware of the sadness of depression, the restlessness of anxiety, the pain of losing a loved one, the devastation of addictions and…the healing fire of pain, anger and hurt transmuted into unconditional love and forgiveness.

If one “googles” ‘goddess of fire”, we read about Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, who is both a creator and destroyer; about Arani, the Hindu goddess of fire and sexual energy; about Freya and Aodh, Sekhmet and Vesta. In every ancient tradition, there is a goddess of fire.

One of of my designed “shakti sage” sub-qualities of power is fire. Consider these phrases: the fire of burning desire, a heart on fire, “the most powerful force on earth is a soul on fire”. Your “fire” is your internal life force.

Fire can also show up as anger, or powerful “aggress energy” (as my friend Gina Dingwell refers to it). Anger can be amazingly energizing and cleansing if it is “purified” through a soft and loving heart, filled with forgiveness.

The qualities of wisdom, unconditional love, integrity and gentleness balance the amazing power of our internal fire and I find with many of my coaching clients, during a coaching conversation about fire, it helps to also bring in the balancing qualities. Keep this in mind as you consider your internal fire!

Ayn Rand from Atlas Shrugged says

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it’s yours.”

Wonderful luscious fiery shakti sages, don’t let your fire go out, this week, ponder and play with the idea of you as a fiery woman.

Self-care Enchantments:
1. Can you feel your internal fire?

2. What does it feel like, what does it taste like, what colour is it?

3. How has your internal fire “shown up” in your life?

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  1. Hi Zoey: I appreciate your comments on Shakti & other Goddesses of Fire & how to channel that energy. Thanks for phrasing this in a ‘user friendly’ way.

    Do you have the book “Archangels & Ascended Masters”? I have found it very helpful & think you would too. It’s been recently suggested to me that I call on “Devi” (or Devee) as well as the old standby Ganesh.


  2. Zoey, What a wonderful offering to respond to and being that the mind must answer questions:
    1. Can you feel your internal fire? DAILY
    2. What does it feel like, what does it taste like, what colour is it? It is an indigo, pink and gold watercolor of a feeling that tastes like a perfectly ripe blueberry.
    3. How has your internal fire “shown up” in your life?
    Well it has liberated me from an assignment I was beginning to question as a good fit. It insists I write more and it has got me moving into being the artist of trees that I am. It is the passion I developed for a deep study of astrology last year with a mentor who gives me tremendous amounts of time. It is the compelling drive to stay self-employed doing what I love in the name of coaching, self-realization in any form, and education.

    To name but a few occurrences.

    Thank you for creating the opportunity to consider these powerful questions.

  3. I love being a Shakti Sage and when I truly allow myself to express from the depths of my being, all else simply falls into place.

    With the soon to be changing of the seasons, I am once again coming to the point where the fullest expression of MY being is the most important thing for me to be doing. So many of us hide our natural impulses behind a veneer of “respectability” thinking that if we really express our true “shakti sage” we will be ridiculed or ignored.

    We all need to be the highest expression of the Divine Feminine in all our daily interactions and this I try to do faithfuly.

    Blessings to all you wonderful women out there as you step into the essence of your Soul.


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