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Women ~ Life ~ Health: The Importance of Family Gatherings

We had a wonderful day yesterday, re-connecting with extended family!


My ‘sister in love’ from Philadelphia was in town with her new guy and it was so fun to chat about the socio-cultural differences between Americans and  Canadians.


My husband is a ‘hybrid’ ie his mom was Canadian and his father American, and he lived in the US for the first 6 years of his life.  His older sister, Terry, was born in the US and grew up there most of her life and feels ‘American’, while my guy feels ‘Canadian’.  In my family, one brother moved to the US in the 1970’s and has lived and worked there ever since.  I say this to illustrate that we are certainly a big Canadian/American blended family.


During our get togethers, we often find ourselves discussing the differences between American and Canadians.  It is my personal opinion that Americans feel that ‘we’ are very similar and that Canadians feel that ‘we’ are very different.  We can have some very spirited conversations for sure!  Terry and Frank, being from the cosmopolitan East Coast, share many values with us West Coast Canadians, particularly in terms of gun control and politics.  We did find ourselves amazed at the differences in voting processes however.


Through out the evening, we were bathed in the warm glow of big family gatherings and are very happy to welcome to members to the ‘clan’.  We were also blessed with having ‘Uncle Don’ join us in his 86th year.


Enjoy your beautiful day my friends!


In peace & mindfulness,


Zoey Ryan BSc., PCC
executive ~ leadership ~ life coach for wise women

personal life coaching to set your heart on fire & soothe your soul

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver from the poem A Summers Day

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