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Women ~ Life ~ Health: Family Summer Vacations

Yes, it is possible to go on a fun sailing holiday with adult ‘kids’.

Our experience is that everyone reverts to childhood, even the parents (part of the time). We have hot cocoa and bedtime stories (the difference is they tell them to us) and tons of reading and candles and charades, lots of laughs and lots of hugs!

In case you are interested, I’m currently reading “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed for our book club discussion in September!

Enjoy your beautiful summer day and hug your kids extra lots.

In peace & mindfulness,


Zoey Ryan BSc., PCC
executive ~ leadership ~ life coach for wise women

personal life coaching to set your heart on fire & soothe your soul

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
~ Mary Oliver from the poem A Summers Day


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