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Women | Health | Life: Holistic Health Tip of the Week

Discover your unique ‘nutritional truth’.

Nutrition tecommendations for women are often based on scientific research conducted on middle aged men leading to a ‘one size fits all’ nutrition prescription.

Ancient traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurvedic Medicine acknowledge metabolic or body differences as well as incorporate the concept of ‘food as medicine’.

Many women feel best when they have determined their own ‘nutritional truth’ and eat accordingly. You can find this for yourself by experimenting, one food or beverage at a time, with withdrawing that food for 3-7 days and be very aware of your body symptoms and energy levels. If you feel better without the food, you know it’s one to avoid. You can do this in reverse when trying a new food and thus construct a list of ‘foods that act as medicine’, neutral foods and foods to avoid. This is your unique ‘nutritional truth.’

This process works best when you have had a stable and healthy food intake to start. Also, be very gentle with this process and yourself if you have a history of disordered eating, ‘food addictions’ or yo yo dieting.

Engaging in a regular yoga, tai chi or other body centered program can help you become more attuned to your body messages and mind-body connection which helps with the process.

You can also work with a professional trained in holistic nutrition, such as a Naturopath or a Holistic Nutritionist/Dietitian to discover your nutritional truth.

Dr. Christiane Northrup has an excellent chapter on nutrition & unique needs in her book ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’. I highly recommend all her books!

You will know that you are successful in discovering your ‘truth’ when you love eating and ‘overflow’ with life force, a feeling of optimal health and energy.L

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