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Women | Health | Life: The Year & Soul-Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants -Week 5

Week Five in the Year & Soul-Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants!

I’m inserting this yoga experience at Sky Temple as my week 5, even though I attended this yoga class in December while vacationing in Yelapa, Mexico. I’m taking some editorial license.

I actually attended my wonderful local Shanti Yoga this week for a gentle Hatha class but wanted to jump back and include Sky Temple in my travels.

Sky Temple Yoga is a breath-takingly beautiful studio, perched on the hillside in the tropical jungle around Yelapa.

Yelapa is a quaint and beautiful Mexican pueblo located south of Puerto Vallarta and only accessible by water taxi.

Judith Roth, a well known yoga teacher from the Pacific Northwest, relocated to Yelapa around 10 years ago. Over the years she held yoga classes in numerous locations in the village including little palapas, grand rooms in quaint estates and upper decks of homes.

Recently Judith organized the construction of Sky Temple, a yoga studio, home and retreat centre with a view of a sparkling bay and gorgeous beach. Accessible via a path winding through trees and jungle foliage Sky Temple offers beginner and advanced classes.

Karen, our next door neighbor and myself, attended a gentle Hatha class with about 10 other folks from Asheville Oregon, Northern California, England, the Gulf Islands of BC and Vancouver. The age range was about 25 – 65. Judith didn’t teach the class but I did have a chance to connect with her after class.

The yoga wear was very eclectic, funky, fun and functional, given the warm temperatures. There were brothers and sisters and lots of tats, piercings and long gray braids. I wore my cozy brown yoga pants (again) and Karen wore a pair of black leggings. I wore my tie-dyed t-shirt and mala beads in a gesture of a deep bow to the hippies and singers like Bob Dylan, who introduced Yelapa to us in the ’60s!

I credit Judith with awakening my love of yoga! She is a woman who embodies power and courage with gentleness and authenticity. Prior to attending a class with Judith, I had viewed yoga more as exercise but in Judith’s class, I experienced a deeper and more profound experience. Yoga with Judith made my body sing and she feels like a soul-sister for sure!

Sky Temple is available for other yoga instructors to use for retreats with their students as well as for those living in and traveling to Yelapa.

In addition to amazing yoga, a wonderful beach and very friendly people, Yelapa boasts outstanding restaurants with delectable food made from fresh ingredients.

You can also take Spanish classes, go birding, take a day trip to the Marietas Islands, go snorkeling, go hiking or fishing

A trip to Yelapa for rest, relaxation and yoga would significanty contribute to living a life in balance.

This picture below is a beautiful mosaic announcing the entrance to the path leading to Sky Temple.

Enjoy your glorious day.




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