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Women | Health | Life: The Importance of Family & The Circle Of Life!

We gathered extended family together yesterday for an Easter Sunday Brunch. We are at that tender stage of life where the transitions are many. There are elders passing on, new boyfriends, relationships changing and our generation preparing to move into retirement.

We all commented on the adorable babies and little ones dressed in their Easter finery.

We followed customs from my childhood and remarked on the passing of time. We mentioned those who couldn’t be with us; nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters in law and my mom, who passed away many years ago.

If you have seen “The Descendents”, which surprisingly I thought was very good, you will appreciate that we also experienced the vulnerable sweetness of an elder with Alzheimer’s and the wonderful good health of another elder in his 90’s.

Yesterday, we were missing the young babies but otherwise we experienced the full circle of life.

At the end, it’s all about our family isn’t it? ¬†Whether a birth family or a global family, our relationships define and sustain us and support us to live a life in balance.



Easter Sunday Brunch with Grandpa and the Grandkids et al!


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