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Women | Life | Wisdom: Holistic Health Self Care Tip of the Day!

Bonus Holistic Health Tip:

After first arising and using the bathroom, I suggest to my life coaching clients that they do three yoga postures (holding each yoga pose for 30 seconds to start and building up to holding for 3 minutes) or 1 long slow down facing dog followed by a short mindful mediation!  This can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as you wish and it is a wonderful ritual to start the day!  I do this in my pj’s!  You don’t even need to put your yoga pants on as it is done in the comfort of your own home!

After your yoga and meditation, and on a fairly empty stomach, try this holistic health tip:

Holistic Health Tip of the Day:

Take probiotics every morning!

You can either do this with food like a very ‘active’ yogurt (homemade natural is ideal) or with capsules containing a mix of probiotics, like acidophilus and bifidus.

Eat a 1/2 cup of active yogurt or make a breakfast smoothie jammed packed with goodness like:  natural yogurt, frozen blueberries, a free trade banana, some ground flax seeds, hemp hearts and flax oil.  You can ramp up the probiotic content by opening the capsules and sprinkling the extra probiotics in the smoothie!  You can even add extra protein powder if you wish! Whip it up in the blender and envision your digestive tract health and balanced!

Our digestive system is filled with ‘good’ bacteria, which help us digest our food and optimally nourish our bodies.  If your digestive system is out of balance and doesn’t have enough of the good bacteria, you may feel symptoms like: bloating, gas, cramps and diarrhea alternating with constipation.

Optimal nutrition starts with a healthy balanced digestive system and when we are optimally nourished our holistic health improves!

Enjoy your wonderful day!


in peace & mindfulness



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